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  • 08 juni, 2024
  • FinTech

There are flexible Crypto payment options that help businesses to offer a host of alternatives to their clients to choose from. In the fast-changing world of online commerce, cryptocurrencies are transforming how we do business. Easily start accepting crypto payments on your Prestashop store to appeal to crypto enthusiasts, open up opportunities for growth, and boost profits. This guide walks you through the simple process of integrating crypto payments into your Prestashop online business.

white label crypto payment gateway

Our premium white-label cryptocurrency payment gateway software will help you to start a flourishing crypto payment gateway business according to your needs and requirements. Our software is well-tested by experienced quality analysts and our team will enable military-grade security mechanisms for safeguarding your platform. It is effective for businesses as they pay for ready-made services with advanced functions and can incorporate their own wherever required.

What does CoinsPaid SaaS crypto solution feature?

There are multiple vital business operations to look at, and in between, manually onboarding the merchants diversified the focus. Automated onboarding helps out in the flow of the functioning process and makes the whole process seamless for merchants too. Once the system is all set up, choose the payment provider you want to integrate with. Consider the client’s geography and preference while going for a payment connector. In addition to that, you can also ask the provider to add other connectors required for you and not available in the system. Software vendors provide the system to you and then prepare it for launch under your brand’s name.

Yes, several crypto payment gateways are available, each offering different features and services. Businesses can compare these gateways to find one that aligns with their specific needs and provides the best value. So, while API can be used to build a white label payment processing solution, they are not the same thing.

How do payment gateways work?

As per your customization of branding, technologies, and integration, it will take around 1 week to a month to go live with it. Hence, using this, Forms Of Crm Software a business can start making a profit without delaying it further. To succeed as a crypto business, a highly scalable payment gateway must be used.

You don’t need to invest resources into development, and you don’t need to worry about maintenance and updates—the provider takes care of these aspects. This is not just about comparing the costs of a white-label payment gateway with the costs of an in-house solution. A payment gateway is a technology that businesses use to accept and process online payments. It acts as the bridge between a customer’s payment method – such as credit cards, digital wallets or bank transfers – and a business’s merchant account, transferring funds quickly and securely. Easy-to-use platform – The user interface of the payment gateway is designed with simplicity and clarity in mind. The users can easily navigate through various features such as payment processing, transaction tracking, and history thereby attracting a potential base of users.

What are advantages of using cryptocurrency for online payments?

Any business operator or merchant can use white-label software by themselves or can provide the same to their clients. There are various crypto payment gateways in the market, but some, like Speed, provide white labeling solutions through their advanced APIs. In the era of the digital marketplace, where instantaneous solutions are in high demand, the preference for white-label solutions has soared. These ready-made software solutions empower businesses to swiftly establish crypto payment gateways tailored to their specific needs, ensuring they can meet the growing demand for seamless payment solutions. In conclusion, CoinsPaid stands out as a forward-thinking solution for cryptocurrency payments that effortlessly merges digital assets with traditional financial tools.

white label crypto payment gateway

As the legal and compliance framework continues to evolve, companies engaging in digital asset transactions must ensure they remain on solid ground with respect to the law. White label crypto payment gateways provide a solution that not only manages the technological aspects of processing crypto payments but also ensures businesses adhere to the latest regulatory standards. In this section, we explore the depth of built-in regulatory compliance offered by these gateways.

How does crypto payments software differ from traditional business software?

A white-label crypto payment gateway is a fully developed solution for handling cryptocurrency payments. It can be seamlessly integrated into an organization’s operations and customized to match their branding. This allows businesses to offer cryptocurrency payment processing without the need to create their own system from scratch, saving time and resources. It’s a convenient way to stay competitive in the cryptocurrency space while maintaining brand consistency and expanding the customer base. A white-label cryptocurrency payment gateway is a suitable solution for entrepreneurs who don’t want to waste time and money in building a software solution from scratch.

white label crypto payment gateway

It also offers additional features that will let you customize the payment interface according to your taste and image, with your logo, your colors, your brand message. Why choose a White Label payment gateway software is the White Label payment gateway price compared to creating a payment system by yourself will require much more resources than just using a simple gateway. However, you need to enable each functionality and develop the platform from the ground up. Additional revenue Streams –  As a part of customization, you can modify the revenue streams based on your marketing tricks and strategies. You can include functionalities like transaction fees, subscription models for premium features, and referral systems.

By offering an easy-to-integrate solution, businesses can swiftly adapt to new technologies, freeing up resources to focus on growth. The gateway’s emphasis on maintaining brand identity ensures that businesses can differentiate themselves in a competitive landscape. Additionally, exploring new payment options becomes a seamless journey, guided by OxaPay’s experts who navigate the intricate world of cryptocurrencies with security and compliance at the forefront.

white label crypto payment gateway

According to a report by Polaris Market Research, the global payment processing solutions market was valued around $74 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach more than $192 billion by 2030. The size of the payment processing industry is a reflection of its business value and the diversity of needs that exist—it’s not the kind of function with a one-size-fits-all solution. Customers need to trust that their sensitive data is protected, and businesses need to comply with rules and regulations, such as PCI DSS, GDPR and PSD2. These rules and regulations can often be complex and burdensome to comply with while building payments infrastructure, but compliance is necessary to avoid hefty fines and reputational damage.

Advanced Security Measures

White label gateways integrate smoothly with popular e-commerce platforms, making the process of accepting cryptocurrencies as straightforward as traditional payment methods. This integration entails both familiar checkout experience and multiple payment options. Indeed, users can pay with cryptocurrencies within the same checkout processes they are accustomed to when using fiat currencies. Alongside crypto payments, these gateways support various other payment methods, offering flexibility and choice to the consumer.

White Label Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway Services

White Label Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway Solutions provide numerous advantages to your company. A good white label payment gateway solution can boost ROI, build a strong brand
reputation, provide innovative and efficient payment solutions to your clients, and let you focus on building your product or service. Selecting the best crypto payment gateway involves considering factors such as transaction fees, security measures, supported cryptocurrencies, ease of integration, and customer service quality.

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