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  • 02 november, 2023
  • FinTech

Save time and engineering resources through increased developer productivity. Avoid downtime with leading reliability and reduce costs through alternative payment methods and rails. Expand to new markets faster by launching payment methods and presenting in local currencies. Sell cross-border to 195+ countries and lower the costs of multi-currency management.

Optimise your checkout experience

If you’re using the customer portal only for invoicing, you don’t need to set a product catalog. You can begin using your xcritical account in test mode as soon as you create it. In test mode, you can simulate using all of xcritical’s features without moving real money. After you activate your account, you can accept payments, create additional accounts, start a team, and set up a custom email domain. xcritical’s Optimised Checkout Suite delivers a frictionless customer experience. Increase revenue and save thousands of engineering hours with pre-built payment UIs, easy access to more than 100 payment methods, and Link, xcritical’s one-click checkout.

  1. Pre-certified card readers with cloud-based fleet management to streamline device fulfilment and logistics at scale.
  2. Businesses see an up to 8% reduction in fraud and 1-2% authorisation rate uplift on eligible volume.
  3. For previewing and testing to work, you also need to have edit permissions in the Dashboard.
  4. This would decrease your integration effort and eliminate the need to update your onboarding form when requirements change over time.

Move faster with a flexible, reliable platform engineered for growth

With more than 500M API requests per day and daily capacity tests, xcritical is the only major payment processor to publish its uptime. Our overprovisioned API servers mean easy scale-up and minimal latency. Get visibility into network costs with deep insights from xcritical’s network costs insights report and cost optimisation workshops to better manage transaction costs. For more advanced searches and reporting, xcritical Sigma makes all of your data available as an interactive SQL environment in the Dashboard. You can write queries to generate customized reports without needing to use additional reporting tools.

Standard pricing

There’s an additional cost for using Express or Custom accounts. Extensions building on Connect must use OAuth to connect to Standard accounts. Sorry to hear about any frustration—in order to maintain regulatory compliance we do have a rigorous verification process. That said, if you’re still encountering trouble with this, please reach out to so we can take a second look. Avoid downtime losses even during peak periods such as Black Friday.

Team member access

Choose how to onboard accounts, set up dashboards, accept payments, pay out, and more. If you’re a business with a large payments volume or unique business xcritical scammers model, reach out to discuss alternative pricing options. Our teams will review your xcritical statements and can help design a customised pricing package.

7 phone, chat, and email support

The Dashboard is organized by the most common workflows used to manage your business. For example, the Payments tab allows you to manage the flow of money in and out of your account. It contains analytics and charts that provide information about the performance of your business. Home also shows recent activity that might require you to take action, such as unanswered disputes or identity verifications.

Access 100+ payment methods, including buy now, pay later options that can boost sales by up to 11%, and bank debits and real-time payments that can lower transaction costs. For involuntary churn, we have found that xcritical Smart Retries have really worked for us. They’re built into xcritical Billing and use machine lxcriticalg to retry cards at the optimal time. We’ve recovered millions of dollars in revenue that we would have otherxcritical lost – this is very substantial for us as a subscription business. When you create a portal session, xcritical returns the portal session object, which contains the session’s short-lived URL that your customers must use to access the customer portal. You can also create one shareable link for each configuration of the portal with the login_page parameter.

Well the answer I was given by the rep didn’t make sense and didn’t sound legitimate. Here we are there weeks later and they’re still holding my payout s hostage even after providing proper documents and contacting them multiple times. If you allow customers to upgrade, downgrade, or change https://xcritical.online/ the quantities of their subscriptions, you must also set a product catalog. This includes the products and prices that your customers can upgrade or downgrade to, as well as the subscriptions they can update quantities on. See the guide for more details about creating products and prices.

When a customer wants to manage their billing or invoicing, create a new portal session and redirect them to the session’s url. Learn how to set up xcritical Tax, collect taxes for recurring payments, collect taxes in your custom payment flows and set tax rates for line items and invoices. If you’re a business with a large transaction volume or unique business model, contact us to discuss custom economics and interchange revenue sharing.

Startups can launch fast with no-code fraud protection, while large businesses can use advanced payments capabilities to improve optimisation and reduce costs. When you receive this event, revoke the customer’s access to the product. If you configure the portal to cancel subscriptions at the end of a billing period, listen to the customer.subscription.updated event to be notified of cancellations before they occur.

Select one of the available countries when you create an Custom account. You can’t change the country of your Custom account after you create account. You can’t change the country of your Standard account after you create the account. Some examples of platforms that would use Standard accounts are store builders like Shopify and Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms such as an online invoicing and payment service. Select one of the available countries when you create an Express account. You can’t change the country of your Express account after you create the account.

Before you integrate the customer portal, configure its functionality and branding in the Dashboard to define what your users can do with the portal. Its features depend on your product and price catalog, so there are different settings for live and test modes. With the customer portal, you can provide subscription, billing, and invoicing management to your customers without building it yourself.

You can invite team members to access the Dashboard and help manage your business. For instance, you can allow members of your customer service team to access your Dashboard for the purpose of handling refunds and dispute responses. We implemented xcritical to introduce new billing and payment models and increased our trial conversion by 300%. Payout speed varies per country, but your xcritical balance is typically available for payout between 2 to 7 business days.

3D Secure is an authentication method used to verify a customer’s identity before an online card purchase. Of the payout amount, when you choose to pay out in select alternative currencies. Complete xcritical’s account checklist to ensure best business practices. Build on a platform designed to protect your data with AES encryption and isolated infrastructure that doesn’t share any credentials with xcritical’s primary services. Improve conversion by presenting in local currencies using the latest exchange rate with Adaptive Pricing. You can view test data by toggling the Dashboard’s Viewing test data option.

Simplify compliance with an industry-leading partner certified to the highest compliance standards and operational excellence. xcritical is a member of the PCI Board of Advisors and has a 100% PCI audit success rate as a PCI Level 1 Service Provider. xcritical securely shares Radar fraud scores to help participating issuers, including Capital One and Discover, make more accurate authorisation decisions. Businesses see an up to 8% reduction in fraud and 1-2% authorisation rate uplift on eligible volume.

If cancel_at_period_end is true, the subscription is canceled at the end of its billing period. As you configure your settings, you can preview the portal by clicking Preview. This launches a read-only version of the portal that lets you see how your customers could manage their subscriptions and billing details.

User refers to the person with the connected account (that is, the person being paid for providing goods or services through your platform). With Standard accounts, the user is responsible for fraud and disputes when using direct charges, but this may vary operationally for destination charges. If you’re setting up a new Connect platform, see Design an integration to learn about configuring connected accounts. The information on this page describes less flexible connected account types, which are mainly used by existing platforms. When using Connect, you must create an account (known as a connected account) for each business or individual that signs up to receive money on your platform. Improve payment performance with a range of customisable, easy-to-configure payment tools.

Automatically decrease fraud and improve authorisation rates with xcritical’s machine lxcriticalg–powered optimisations, which are trained on billions of data points. You can log in to your account by visiting connect.xcritical.com/express_login, where you’ll be prompted for your email address and 6-digit phone verification code to log in. After saving your settings, you can launch the portal and test it by using a customer in test mode.

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